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ROI (Request of Information) Services:
AMR is dedicated to scanning and providing delivery and online viewing of medical records on behalf of the healthcare facilities we serve.

Medical Record Request Fulfillment

We provide our healthcare clients with the following services:
 • Scanning any and all requested records at a minimum of once per week with a maximum frequency of 5 times per week dependant
 upon Provider volume of requests.
    • Providing a comprehensive online log of all Provider request activity viewable online by both Providers and Requestors.
    • Extensive quality control of imaging quality, indexing content, assigning of PIN numbers and logging of online activity..

Provider Responsibilities
• Clinic receives request for records and verifies pertinent patient information and accuracy of  Requestor address
      (where the files are to be sent).
    • Provide logs of all billing and file transfer, access activities.

Conduct onsite checks for accuracy of the original file and scanned image quality.
    • Perform
a 5 step data entry process to verify the request is HIPAA compliant, and the Patient Name matches the scanned files.
The AMR quality control department team members complete a final inspection of all imaged and indexed files searching for
      misfiles and insuring
HIPAA compliance.
AMR Responsibilities
  • An
AMR representative reports to the Provider's location one or more times per week, as necessary, to review each chart
equest and scan all required documents at no charge.
    • Create job orders and electronic log entries at the clinic to include the following information on each scanned chart:

             1 .PIN numbers (unique to both Provider and Requestor)
             2. Patient name

             3. Requestor Name

             4. Scan capture date

             5. Number of pages scanned

 6. AMR representative's initials.
AMR representative will initial, date and time stamp the patient authorization and insert it in the patient’s chart.
    • Same day activities to be performed for all requests processed each day:
             1. Post all scanned images to
AMR's secure ROI servers for HIPAA compliant online access and viewing.
             2. Update all Provider and Requestor PIN numbers and associated access codes.
             3. Notify Requestor (email, fax or phone) that requested files are available for viewing.
             4. Notify Provider that Requestor has been alerted to view all requested files.

             5. Determine if Requestor wishes to have a hard copy delivery in lieu of online access.

Requestors will have SAME DAY access to all scanned files and corresponding fees due with various requestors such as
EMSI, insurance companies, etc.

Our customer service line 979.220.0060 is open to you, your staff, Requestors and most importantly, your patients. Our goal of our partnership, with you, is to help you take care of your patients.

Full HIPAA Compliance
See links below for information on
AMR's commitment to HIPAA compliance.




AMR tracks every file scanned at each Provider location.  At your request, AMR can create a customized report on any log file data element.  This service is currently FREE to our AMR clients. We can provide reporting by patient name or ID, date scanned, date accessed, requestor, and/or type of request.  We provide comprehensive physician transfer reporting, savings analyses, and HIPAA compliant processes.

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