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AMR's parent company ABT Group, Inc. (ABT) started its journey to becoming the leading Global Document Communications company providing secure global access to critical business process documents for its marquee Fortune 500 clients. The companies that benefit from ABT's ASP document hosting WebXpresstm technology are the same ones you use for financial services, buy household products from, depend upon for personal safety and provide you with global internet and telecommunications.  ABT affects and improves your everyday life in ways that are transparent to the casual observer.  ABT currently stores over 6 billion corporate critical documents and 60 million patient files in its fully redundant Data Centers located in both the Eastern and Western USA..

AMR established a presence in the Healthcare market in 1994 by developing and integrating technology and business applications for the Medical community.  The company is headquartered in College Station, Texas.  From AMR's inception, our business has been dedicated to providing digitally-imaged medical record solutions for healthcare facilities.  AMR prides itself in providing experienced and comprehensive customer service to all of our clients regardless of size and revenue generated. 

In today's business environment, customer service is lacking and clients are ever wary of companies that are non-responsive and unreachable at moments of need or crisis.  All AMR management and staff are available 24/7 via phone or email with a guaranteed response of 15 minutes maximum  Every employee in AMR is required to carry a cell phone plus PDA or RIM or Pager email enabled devices to insure that AMR clients can touch someone in the company at all times.

AMR is engaged with single and multiple physician practices, clinics, regional medical centers and major medical institutions  and is well-versed on HIPAA compliance and provides the most secure patient record security techniques available in the industry.  AMR's patented "Right2View" encryption software incorporates the same principles used by the banking industry to secure millions of ATM and Debit card transactions every single day. 

ABT Group, Inc. clients that impact your everyday life:

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