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Release of Information (ROI)

AMR provides full ROI correspondence services to physician practices, clinics, regional medical centers, hospitals and large medical institutions. Our services range from general request fulfillment to digital capture and web presentment of patient records, pathology reports and financial transaction reports.  A permanent log of all document capture, ROI activity and digital files are available for online viewing to both Providers and Requestors.

AMR assumes all of the time and expense involved in medical records release processing, thereby freeing our clients to remain focused on the patients welfare while eliminating the inconvenience and  exposure surrounding patient file confidentiality.   Quality medical record transfer and release service is our passion. We anticipate that you will find this website informative and will select AMR as your preferred medical records agent.

The ROI process is a time-consuming and heavy administrative burden on health information management professionals. In addition, new HIPAA regulations add more labor to the process, making ROI more problematic for your staff.  Relieve your staff’s administrative responsibility and exposure to HIPAA regulatory compliance liabilities by outsourcing your ROI needs.

Onsite Patient Record Scanning Solution

The Onsite Scanning Solution utilizes a high-speed paper scanner . Scanners capture enhanced images of all paper documents and charts (including color) along with relevant index criteria such as patient name, account number, medical record ID, requestor, etc. for reporting and online retrieval purposes. This HIPAA compliant access is provided by assigning a unique PIN number, user ID and password.

All charts and records are organized in the same manner that each Provider currently uses to facilitate logical access to those records.. After the files have been pulled, they are scanned with a high-speed paper scanner. Index records are generated to enable precise online access of all files anytime/anywhere using a secure Web connection and any standard Web browser. 

AMR's patented "Right2View" digital document (PDF) encryption process exceeds all HIPAA compliance standards for patient record privacy.

All record information recorded in the scanning process is available in the reporting function on the software. All reports can be exported into excel format for easy dissemination.

System Benefits

The benefits of a paper scanning system over a standard paper copying process are:

1. Paper scanners image at a higher rate than  paper copiers, due to the high speed auto-feed feature, which greatly reduces the
       time for file capture.

   2. Scanning software has features such as automatic deskew, which eliminates images being scanned at angles, and image
       enhancement, which creates a digital image that is more perfect than the original paper document.

   3. A direct and secure connection to the AMR main office for the transmission of records increases
       the speed at which records are processed.  This results in higher levels of customer service, all while
       maintaining HIPAA compliance.

   4. The software records page counts automatically, ensuring accuracy and facilitating report functions..

   5. All records are archived for secure Web browser access allowing quick and
      easy retrieval.

On Location Staffing - "Commitment to Our Customers"

AMR understands that we are an integral part of the health care providers’ internal operation and will not only abide by the business associate requirements, but will provide our team with initial and ongoing privacy training on par with the workforce training requirements instituted by the health care providers.

AMR has a long-standing, extensive orientation program for all new staff members. In addition to instruction on actual job responsibilities, there is significant education on our privacy policies as well. Each member of the AMR team is expected to perform duties with a high degree of integrity and must sign a confidentiality agreement. This ensures accountability for safeguarding    against any misuse or inappropriate disclosure of private information.                                                                                                          
confidentiality agreement includes the following:

   • A statement outlining what is considered confidential information, for example: any information that
      identifies a patient
   • A policy for reporting incidents of privacy or security breaches
   • A  method for disposing of confidential information
   • A statement directing employees and contractors in the use of confidential information 
   • A statement requiring that confidential information must be returned upon termination of employment
   • A disciplinary policy regarding privacy and security breaches
   • A statement providing for compliance auditing

AMR understands the implications of federal and state privacy regulations on our company. We maintain and protect the privacy of the medical information that is released

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