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As the Premier ASP Electronic Medical Records technology company,

AMR posts in excess of three million healthcare documents per month into its state-of-the-art secure Data Center. AMR is unique in its guarantee of HIPAA compliance so that AMR clients can safely and securely retrieve any medical record file anywhere, anytime to facilitate patient care and medical business transactions.

Who Uses AMR - Established medical institutions, service and software providers are utilizing AMR's document hosting ASP technology to enable secure access of medical records and reports.  AMR's patented "Right2View" encryption software is the only HIPAA compliant security technology that enables electronic Patient File capture and secure digital image transfer for those who seek the benefits of instant Release of Information (ROI) capabilities. AMR is helping physician practices to track ROI activities and leverage payment provider institutions to remit payments more quickly and accurately.  Digital aggregation of and instant access to Explanation of Benefits (EOB) documents bring significant benefits to those institutions, clinics and physician practices focused on improving, tracking and collecting post insurance payments from patients .  Large and medium size clinics and hospitals are engaging AMR to streamline document management issues surrounding Lab Reports, Patient Accounting, HICFA 1500's, UB92's and a myriad of other business and patient care support documentation.

Trust, Service, Reliability - As a leader in the medical records industry, AMR guarantees professional quality service that benefits both you and your physicians and patients.  By understanding the needs of our clients combined with our patented technology, AMR  and its subsidiaries offer timely and HIPAA compliant services to Hospitals, Regional Medial Centers, and Physicians throughout the continental United States.

Providing for the Future - As the Medical industry moves rapidly into the emerging Electronic Medical Records (EMR) technologies, one thing is certain, many Practices, Clinics, and Hospitals will suffer the cost and inconveniences of frequent technology evolution and obsolescence.  Monies will be spent and re-spent to perpetuate business continuation and continuity of patient care in spite of software failures, workstation software (applications, operating systems, utilities) and hardware.

AMR is the Gold Standard - Practices, Clinics, Hospitals and medical service and practice management software providers, such as those listed below, recognize the unique capabilities and ubiquity that an AMR based solution provides.  AMR leverages the WebXpresstm document management technology originally developed by its parent company Advanced Business Technologies to bring a healthcare solution centric MedXpresstm service to the market.  Information Security Overview (AHIMA) | The Ten (10) Security Domains (AHIMA)

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